Friday, September 29, 2006

Woman: An animal fond of dress.

advertisement in recent fashion catalog

What exactly is the woman poured into this pair of jeans with whiskers bleached into the crotch area and a lowered front band to show the belly button really trying to sell?

They might follow the custom or costume of the country as to dress itself; but they must not imitate the extravagance of those who, through impurity or little of mind, decked themselves merely to attract the eye of admiration, or set in lying action the tongue of flattery. Woman has been invidiously defined: An animal fond of dress. How long will they permit themselves to be thus degraded?
Adam Clarke on 1 Tim 2:9

Does what I do or do not wear really affect how angels see me, and therefore, my Creator, as well (1 Cor 11:10)?

Explore with me a journey of discovery in becoming meek & quiet.

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