Friday, January 13, 2012

Why I Cover

The symbol representing that Adam was created first, then Eve; that the man was not made for the woman but the woman for man is the hair on a woman’s head, with long hair on the head of the woman disclosing to humans and angels that the woman understands she remains, in or out of marriage, as a disciple’s body is to its inner self. Therefore, since the woman’s long hair relates to the relationship between the inner self and the body, the fabric covering with which the wife covers, or should cover her long hair shows that the wife is under the authority of her husband.

Two coverings, one physical, one spiritual, with both coverings on the head of the woman where they function as one covering.

Because outward circumcision made the head of a male naked, short hair on a man’s head represents circumcision of the heart; for the foreskins of hearts—the sack holding the heart—cannot be removed and the person still live. Hence, a man’s short hair and a woman’s long hair, both, symbolize that these two Christians desire to be obedient to Christ Jesus, their spiritual Head. But the hair on neither the husband’s nor the wife’s head says anything about the wife being obedient to her husband as the body is to obey its head, the inner self. And for this reason, the wife is to have a fabric covering that covers her hair.

As the Lord God communicated with ancient Israel by giving or by withholding rain in its season (Deut 11:10–15), the Lord communicates with Christians through both the groaning of the spirit and through giving or withholding blessings—and a man communicates with the Lord through both his hair length and through his desire to keep the commands of God, whereas the woman communicates by her hair length and by whether she chooses to obey her husband, disclosed to all by the woman covering her hair with a fabric covering.

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