Friday, February 26, 2010

A Treasure From the Past …

Love God...

Reverence your parents.
Submit to your superiors.
Despise not your inferiors.
Be courteous to your equals.
Pray daily & devoutly.
Converse with the good.
Imitate not the wicked.
Be always desirous of learning.
Study virtue & embrace it.
Provoke nobody.
Restrain your tongue.
Covet future honor, which only virtue & wisdom can procure.

In 1834, the Massachusettes Sabbath School Society borrowed from a book called The School of Good Manners, which had been around for over a century, to publish a few rules of behavior for their children.

This message was shared on Barbara Sarudy's blog, It's About Time. Barbara shares many photos, paintings and architectural wonders of the American past through her several blogs--living in the East does have it's advantages.


BWS said...

Thank you. I am honored that you enjoy my blogs. Barbara

Anonymous said...

Barbara, you have not responded to my recent letter. I hope you are well. from Thelma in Indiana