Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Cap

I am trying out a new cap, the Matron, from Plain-n-Simple Headcoverings, which is made from Kannik's Korner Mob Cap pattern. It is made of cotton organdy, and I wore it for several weeks before I sat down the other night and removed the top stitching and rolled and hand-stitched down the edges all around. Now it doesn't catch in my hair and the edge around the face is taken in just a bit and fits better. I have reached that advanced age when having a covering over my ears is comforting, much as that kerchief or shawl I often wear around my shoulders.

Even though I sew myself quite well, I was more than happy to pay Bayley for making the cap. Her workmanship is excellent, as there is a long strip of fiddly organdy around the edge of the cap. I highly recommend Bayley's skills with a needle and am very thankful that she offers so many styles from which to choose. I intend to purchase two more Matrons and one of the Maidens; I already have one of the Madres. Both the Madre and the Maiden can be held in place with a coif,La mère laborieuse, Chardin, 1740--the working mother an 18thC style, that adds warmth,as well as saving one's bonnet from the wind! Here I am demonatrating knitting wearing a coif over s Sophie cap and a Lappets cap for warmth at Fort Massac, IL.


kristinsdottir said...

I always like seeing what you're up and what coverings you've been wearing. I like these from Bayley!
Best wishes!

kristinsdottir said...

Hmmm. What you're up TO, I meant to say. :-)

Dawn said...

I have ordered several coverings from Bayley as well. She does awesome work!
I also order from

I would love to wear a kapp but my hubby is kind of frightened at that veils it is. :)

God Bless You!

Jean said...

I too have had Miss B make me a matron cap, I can't wait to get it. I had no idea so many ladies would be wearing them. This way I can place my hair in better and get busy around the house.
Does anyone else make them...?, as i would like to buy a few more.