Sunday, December 31, 2006

Broidered Hair

All pictures courtesy VRoma Project

From the back, this lovely hairdo would generously fill any woman's prayer cap or veil. The hair is obviously long, well kept and beautifully dressed. I wish my hair were long enough to wind around my head as many times as this matron's lovely crown.

But other views of this marble bust from the Flavian era, 69-96 CE, show just how much effort, time, pommades and slaves it took to dress hair in this manner.

This is the broidered hair that Paul speaks about in 1 Tim 2:9. Any woman who is taking this much time for herself in her toilette has no time left for spiritual thoughts or good deeds, she is consumed by vanity. Not only is she using time that could be put to better use, she is using up the lifetimes of other women,her slave girls and dressing maids.

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