Sunday, October 29, 2006

USAToday on Covering

An article recently appeared in USAToday about women of many faiths beginning to cover and wear modest apparel. The gist of the piece seemed to say that there is a movement, a zeitgeist if you will, that crosses religious and cultural boundaries.

My husband used this article in a recent composition class which he teaches at a local university. The discussion brought up some interesting conclusions:
· Covering is the opposite of the slut look
· It’s an anti-Madonna [the singer] statement
· It’s a feminist statement [as in feminine but modest vs. androgynous and ugly]

Further discussion revealed that if it is, indeed, an opposite pole from looking like you’ve just crawled out of bed [some people pay a lot of money to get their tousled locks and off-shoulder looks], then one can expect to see as many women covering and dressing modestly as those who flaunt their sexuality in dress [or lack thereof] and unkempt hair.

Perusing other blogs about plain dress and comments to these posts can find even lesbians feeling the need to cover [but sadly not the need to repent] and going so far as to consider nudity as a means of “plain dress.”

I hope my husband's class discussion is right--it will be a blessing to begin seeing more modest dress and coverings as American women of all faiths begin to respond to the Spirit.

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